IPA Encyclopedic Dictionary for Psychoanalysis Task Force

at the IPA Congress in Boston on June 23rd, Thursday, 2pm–3:30 pm

Co-Chairs and Co-Presenters of the panel: Dr. Eva D. Papiasvili (Co-Chair for North America, including USA, Canada, Japan); Dr. Arne Jemstedt (Co-Chair for Europe); Dr. Elias M. da Rocha Barros (Co-Chair for Latin America);and Dr. Stefano Bolognini, President of the IPA

The goal of this session of the IPA Encyclopedic Dictionary for Psychoanalysis Task Force is to offer “work in progress” of this new IPA endeavor. The main task of this Encyclopedic Dictionary is to provide all psychoanalysts and all psychotherapists who work psychoanalytically with a truly international and up-to-date tool for consultation and reference, of superior quality and ‘wide scope’, which represents both the ‘trunk’ and the ‘branches’ of the psychoanalytic tree, as it has grown from Freud to the present time.

The panel of the three regional co-chairs, Drs. Eva Papiasvili, Arne Jemstedt, and Elias M. da Rocha Barros, will present on the multidimensional process of ‘becoming’ and functioning of the Task Force, and the steps taken so far, which started with enlisting the teams of prominent consultants within the three IPA psychoanalytic cultures, representing the diverse schools of thought and diverse intro-cultural geographies, the unique methodology adapted, finding the concepts most relevant to contemporary psychoanalysts at work, and, finally, writing of the ‘story of the concepts’, within the historic-cultural context.

The very unique methodology, combining the global and the regionally specific and unique ideas and trends, the so called “5+1” will be presented and discussed. Each contributor to the IPA Encyclopedic Dictionary answers the following questions: “Which five concepts inform your thinking and clinical work most”, followed by “Which concept originated in your psychoanalytic culture, or has a special resonance with it.” The region specific interactions between the most frequent global concepts such as “transference”, “countertransference”, “unconscious,” “projective identification,” and “containment”, as well as the regionally specific concepts such as “transformation”, “psychoanalytic setting”, “enactment”, and many others, will be presented and further explored. The emerging importance of such undercurrent factors as “regional identity” and “regional consolidation” within the global conceptual landscape will be elaborated on. This process allows for the inter-cultural dialogue, prospectively arriving at a broadly representative cross-cultural Encyclopedic Dictionary entries.

The intent of the panel presentation is, through information, transparency, and dialogue, to engage broad psychoanalytic community in this historical undertaking, which bridges our past, our present and our emergent future.

For more information on registration and accommodations for the conference, please visit http://www.ipa.org.uk/congress